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About us

McWeedy is a Cannabis Grow and Processing project. McWeedy is a Real World Limited Liability Company (LLC) whose membership is dictated by NFT ownership.  McWeedy uses a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) structure for managing the project. Active participation by members is asked for. Toker Tokens are awarded for holding the NFTs and can be redeemed for USDC and swag.

Dynamic NFTs

Based on interaction with the DAO traits can change over time.  If you have Toker Tokens to burn you can redeem them for swag or modifying your NFT.  

Toker Tokens

Toker Tokens will be used to whitelist for the project and eventually work in the McWeedy Ecosystem as currency. Toker Token Symbol (THC) – Check out the pre-launch of the coin (Coming Soon) .   If you have any in your wallet you will automatically be able to pre-mint.  Snap Shot will be taken 72 hours prior to pre-mint opening up. You can also go to Zealy.io to earn a whitelist spot if you don’t have tokens.

Tell Your Friends

We are rewarding word of mouth.  Get 5% of the purchase of anyone you refer and 2.5% of anyone they refer, 1.5% at the 3rd level and 1% at the 4th level.. (No self-referrals.)  Payouts are awarded 48 hours after the close of minting. Your address is your key.  Referral link is available on Zealy.io. 

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Q1 2023

Create Business / Marketing Plan

Create LLC, DAO, Token, Website, and NFTs. Set-up Opensea, Twiter, and Discord. Legal Review. Finalize financial projections for multiple revenue Streams in Cannabis space.

June 2023

Pre-Token Launch

Utilize Telegram, Twitter and DIscord Spaces to build community. AMAs about the project. Write-up proposals for license holders for possible inclusion. Initiate pre-sale .

Fair Coin Launch

Aug 2 19:37 EST - Toker Token (THC)

Toker Token Fair Launch on PinkSale. 86th anniversary of the Marijuana Stamp Act that made Marijuana illegal in the United States.

Lets Grow

Fund First License with Toker Funds

Start First License - Start Grow and Manufacture processes under one license to begin video and development of Play Book for training new Licensees.

September 18, 2023

FREE WEED - Advertise NFT Launch

Rent a Billboard in Time Square New York with an Saying Free Weed with an arrow and QR code. Give away Free Marijuana and Token amounts of Toker Tokens in Time Square New York City, New York.

10% Discount

October 10, 2023, 4:20 PM EST - Pre-Mint

Lock up your spot. Toker Token Holders are given first dibs and allowed a discount.

NFT Mint

October 17 19:82 EST Launch

Mint NFTs. Payout referrals. Open DOA for proposals and voting.

August 2023


Enable Claiming Mechanism for Payouts on Polygon. Review Legal Compliance.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. September 18, 2023, the plan is to give away Toker Tokens and Free Marijuana as part of the NFT launch advertising. 

To operate in the real world a business entity needs to be formed.  A Limited Liability Company (LLC) is a real-world business structure that allows an unlimited amount of members. (Also see ricardianllc.eth) A DAO allows for bottom-up management of the company. Tokens allow for the fair transfer of wealth based on how long the NFT is held while allowing individuals to control their own taxes related to income.  The NFTs allow for a means to prove ownership of the LLC, control access to the DAO, locking the NFT from sales triggers accrual of tokens, and NFTs that can act as wallets going forward may be able to simplify the payout process.    

First year: Profitt $600,000 or $600 per NFT   

Second year: Profitt $4 million or $4,000 per NFT 

Third year: Profitt $8.1 million or $8,100 per NFT 

Third year: Profitt $18.1 million or $18,100 per NFT 

Projections are on market prices in Colorado for marijuana as the market is mature and prices will drop over time in New Jersey as the market becomes saturated, at which point quality will become a differentiator. 

Once ramped up and at full production projections show $1.2 million per license in profit per year or $6 million for 5 licenses on the grow side.

Add that 50% of the profit in marijuana is in manufacturing then look at $12 million in manufacturing profit of $18 million total once operations are in full swing. 

Manufacturing may be able to go higher by processing other growers' cannabis on top of what is being grown in-house. The purchase of trim and shake to be processed to THC extract is highly profitable. The limits would be on what is available for purchase in the state of New Jersey. As the processing aspect can run 24 hours a day with set-it and forget-it automated systems. 

The marijuana industry is highly competitive and constantly evolving, with profitability influenced by factors like wholesale and retail prices, production costs, taxes, licensing fees, and market dynamics. No promise of profit is being made, just possible projections that are not guaranteed. 

McWeedy was born as the idea to become the McDonald's® of Marijuana or maybe saying the Chick-fil-A® of Marijuana as Owner Operators would be more inline as Trained Individuals spreading the gospel of Marijuana related to superior technology in grow and manufacture using six sigma principles to continuously improve the grow and manufacture process. A lot of people want to get into the Marijuana business and have lots of marijuana experience but not a lot of business experience. McWeedy's goal is to set-up systems and controls in a playbook that people can use to build their own McWeedy Marijuana Franchises based on proven systems. 

We have 2 attorneys, a former stockbroker, a Real Estate Broker,  an owner of a grow facility in New York, and potentially a list of stoners whose life-long dreams are to grow weed. Want to join? We are taking applications.

The first round of investing is for 5 micro business grow licenses and 1 manufacturer license, rent, equipment, and salary. This would allow for up to 5000 adult plants to be harvested and processed a month.

The constraints of what can actually be grown in the space allowed by a Micro Business License in New Jersey make the project an engineering game on top of everything else.  2500 sq feet with a 24' tall canopy for a micro grow license capped at 1000 adult plants per month. Using a verticle grow setup with mobile stacks in a honeycomb pattern will allow for more plants in the allowed space than a typical indoor grow.

We will have staggered growth cycles to allow year-round harvesting and production as limits are placed on Micro Licenses. Space in a vertical stack utilizing a with 4 stacks at 6' a level in a 24' canopy height with the stacks on tracks to make the aisles disappear.

Once in full swing, 60,000 plants are grown in a year with more weight per plant and a 50% reduction in lighting costs using grow methods to increase quality and quantity. 


Great, ask them in the Telegram Server after you have read the Whitepaper (Should have called in a greenpaper or rolling paper...)  If you have a question someone else probably does, too.  We will add other questions to this section as they arise.     

Sort of... In the United States Cannabis is still a Schedule I controlled substance, the manufacture, distribution, dispensation, and possession of marijuana is prohibited except in federal government-approved research studies. And crypto in general is still the wild west as far as answering questions related to legality.  Download the white paper to get more details.

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Meet The Crew

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